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Do you know that 50% of Hospital deaths take place in an ICU?

Do you know that there are only 800 qualified intensivists to provide care to 1.25 billion Indians?

In the above scenario ,how safe are you , your relatives,friend or family members ?

How safe are you in critical times in a Hospital ICU?

Your life is at stake and you are at very high risk in an ordinary ICU.
To address this challenge and provide world class emergency care , S.C.S. Hospital now offers you INTELeICU 24*7 – An Exclusive Intensive Care facility monitored by American Board Certified Intensivists round the clock to save lives and ensure timely critical care. Our INTELeICU 24*7 team is successful in greatly reducing risk for you and your near and dear ones.

INTELeICU 24*7 and our team of highly qualified intensivists , consultants and qualified Nursing staff leave no stone unturned to give you the best care in your hour of need.

INTELeICU 24*7 for the first time in Karnataka State ,pioneered by S.C.S Hospital to set a benchmark and raise the quality of care in an ICU set up.

Our INTELeICU 24*7 functions with the motto-

"Where every breath matters, every second counts, when critical decisions mean life or death."

What is INTELeICU 24*7 ?
It is a specialized Intensive care unit to provide best quality critical care to the patients by a team of reputed intensivists who are committed to monitor the patients 24*7 and help recognize clinical changes early. INTELeICU 24*7 is committed in providing care 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to ensure right care at the right time. Intensive monitoring and patient care services involve Cardiac/Medical / Surgical Care. That is guided by the expert at INTELeICU.

How does it work ?
The entire INTELeICU 24*7 is monitored using cutting edge technology with well trained Nurses providing a continuous feed back of the patients through CNS ( Central Nursing Station) Monitors.
  • A team of specialized Intensivists give commands based on the reports of the patients
  • Providing expert solution to the patient at the right time to save lives.

How is it beneficial to patient?
  • Round the clock specialized acute care.
  • Timely treatment
  • 1/3rd reduction in ICU cost .
  • Ensures patient is treated by experts
  • Compliance with National quality standards accreditation.

Special Features of INTELeICU
  • 24*7 monitored by Intensivists
  • Video Cart
  • CNS ( Central Nursing Station) Monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Advanced bedside dialysis capabilities

Now, World class Care is being made available in S.C.S.Hospital Pvt.Ltd

INTeleICU™ is not an off-the-shelf solution especially given that the problems in handling Critical Care are unique to the circumstances of each hospital.

INTeleICU™ offers feasible and customized engagement models to suit the needs of each hospital.

INTeleICU™ looks to provide a holistic tailor made solution.


To enhance patient safety and outcomes by being the pioneer and largest provider of innovative remote monitoring and clinical support solutions for management of hospitalized patients


To provide customized and collaborative care to hospitalized critically ill patients and enhance the quality & safety of care by leveraging clinical expertise and technology

24*7 monitoring leads to 30% drop in mortality rate and one-third reduction in ICU costs

Clinical Decision support by Philips enables specialists to manage more than twice the patients.

Fosters deep collaboration between the remote specialist, beside staff and the primary physician.

Be it weekends, public holidays or after hours, a specialist will always be available

Practicing crisis prevention is better than crisis intervention.

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Work shop by Nestle Company on the topic Diarrhea in children
Cancer awareness talk by Dr E.V.S Maben , Consultant Physician held on February 2nd.
Personality Development programme by Mr.VL Rego , Yogacharya and Leading Resource person.
As a part of World Kidney day , talk by Dr. Prashanth Kumar famous Nephrologist on the topic Kidney diseases
S.C.S. Hospital launched a New Department InteleICU , an advanced critical care facility monitored by the American Board Certified Intensivists in Chennai which is the first of its kind in the state of Karnataka on November 20th 2014.
Work shop by Nestle company on the topic ' Care of Low Birth Weight Babies '
As a part of World Diabetes Day talk on Diabetes Mellitus by Dr. Venugopala D and Free Diabetes and Neurology Detection Camp on 14th November.
S.C.S. Hospital celebrates its 29 hospital anniversary.
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